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"Keylee has been tutoring my youngest son and it has been a wonderful experience! Within just a couple of weeks my husband and I could tell a difference in his reading. He's come a long way in a short amount of time. She started working with him at the beginning of the last school year. He was reading on a 3rd grade level. Just over 1 year later and he's now reading on grade level, 7th grade!  Keylee is so great with him too. You can tell she truly cares about the kids and they're learning what they need to learn. I was a little worried about my son going into Jr. High next year, fearing that he might struggle with reading, but that concern is gone now. I know that by the time he's been through a few more months of tutoring he'll be right on track and where he needs to be!"

Melissa Gustaveson

"My little guy has struggled with reading since kindergarten. We tried multiple phonics programs with little to no success. Keylee has been working with him for the last few months doing the Barton program and I am blown away at the progress and confidence he is gaining. He is such a busybody and sometimes needs redirection. Keylee makes him feel so comfortable, she is kind and patient and works with him to accomplish realistic goals. We all love Keylee!"

Heidi Johnson

"We have been with Learn Joy Tutoring for almost a year and the results with our child have been incredible. Our child now has confidence in herself and her ability to read. She can read, write, and spell and is back on grade level. I give Keylee 10/10 stars. We love her!"

Mieka Barlow

"I am so impressed with this reading program. Our tutor is wonderful and so encouraging. My son has made great improvements in his reading."

Anna Mengel

"I rave about this program. It gets to the basics of phonics and builds off of each lesson. This is the one program that has helped my son with his reading. It's absolutely incredible and his tutor, Keylee, is the best! My son loves working with her."

Leslie Higgins

 "I have been so happy to see my daughters progress. She even has started to want to read a book. You guys are amazing, you make a difference in these people's lives by giving them the tools to be successful."

Megan Loftus

"Keylee is amazing. She has been working with my son for about seven months and he is making great progress and loves going to tutoring. Keylee makes it so fun that he never complains and he is so proud of himself for the progress he is making."

Jessica Daniels