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Reading & Spelling System

The Barton Reading and Spelling System is an Orton Gillingham influenced program that uses a multi-sensory approach. Using a multi-sensory method creates great success for students with Dyslexia or a learning disability. This system is research and evidence based. The Barton system is designed to help students who struggle with decoding words when reading, who read slowly or with poor accuracy, and who struggle with spelling. In order for this system to be effective, it is necessary the student receives a minimum of 2 hours of Barton tutoring a week. 

The Barton System is most effective when it is administered beginning with level 1 and then followed by consecutive levels. The levels do not correspond to specific grade levels.  They refer to concepts that are meant to be learned in order. There are 10 levels in the entire system and the typical duration a student will spend in the Barton Reading and Spelling System will be approximately 2-3 years, however results are dependent on each individual student. Giving students with dyslexia the support they need to Learn Joy through reading is not a quick fix, but an extremely beneficial process.

For more information and video tutorials of the Barton system, please visit the Barton System's official website at

The Barton Method: Text
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